There's No Taste Like Home

A book of stories and recipes from our diverse heritage.

'There's no Taste Like Home' is the fourth and final strand of BandBazi’s two year #Resilient Arts project in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council. It was a multicultural Elders project looking at how by Keeping Learning we can support our emotional resilience.

BandBazi worked with:  Community elders to create a book of short stories inspired by recipes and memories from the homelands of the participants. This group now goes by the name 'Spicy & Wise'.

The creative writing project, facilitated by experienced creative writing facilitator, Dr Sindi Gordon, culminated in a book launch and multicultural 'Feast. The audience heard participants read extracts from the collection, received a copy of the anthology as well as sampled some of the recipes that have been featured. This project aimed to give a voice to a wide variety of cultures, facilitating them to share their heritage with a wider audience. It will give the opportunity for older people to leave a legacy in their own communities through sharing their memories and cultural practices in a way that they want to: through a book of stories and recipes.

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Get Your Own Recipe Book

The Recipe books that were created as part of our 'There's No Taste Like Home' project are availble for you to buy. They a feature a varierty of delicious recipes from around the globe as well as the tales and stories of the people who created them.
Books are £15 (+ £3.50 postage & packaging)


Phase 2: Oral Histories 

For the second phase we invited the members of our existing ‘Spicy & Wise’ group to share their stories, this time they were recorded and to an exhibition of their oral histories and photographs. This was an exhibition at Brighton Museum as part of a BAME Museum Takeover Day by the BAME Heritage Network. The main room in the Museum has teapots and domestic furniture so that might be the best space.

We decorated a side board with photos of the group; old family photos; individual trinkets chosen by participants that represented their culture; headphones were linked to a retro radio that sat on top which played three-minute clips of each participants oral history.

This exhibition will soon be on display in the jubilee library for an extended period of time.

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