Suzy Soraya

BandBazi, Suzy Soraya

Why would a young woman leave the country of her birth for exile in an alien land?

Why would her sister choose to remain?

Using footage shot in Iran and speaking to women living there and in Scotland, artists from Devised Theatre, Documentary Film, Aerial Circus and Song collaborated together on this experimental work addressing the concepts of exile, women and childbirth creating a completely unique performance.

Suzy=Soraya deals with the issues raised by Iranian women in exile in Scotland and contrasts their lives and expectations for themselves and their children with those of women still living in Iran.

Suzy=Soraya was presented as a work in progress in the form of a free public showing at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow in November, 2000. There was an exciting post-show discussion which gained interesting audience feedback on the issues, working methods and integration of the various art forms involved.

Suzy=Soraya was funded by a Research and Development grant from the Cross Media department of the Scottish Arts Council.

Written by Philippa Vafadari
Directed by John Binnie
Aerial – Philippa Vafadari
Song – Roxana Pope
Film – Lucinda Broadbent & David Churchill




Company number: 4271844 

Charity number: 1091276