Persian Cinderella

BandBazi, Persian Cinderella

Directed by John Binnie
Designed by Jessica Worrall

A BandBazi/The Circus Project co-production

A Persian telling of the well-known fairy tale that takes the story you thought you knew down new and surprising twists and turns.  Hilariously  inventive, the show will grab the imagination of young and old alike with its combination of circus wizardry, good old-fashioned story telling and the magic of ancient Persia.

Who is the mystery guest with the star-shaped mole on her cheek at Prince Mehrdad’s New Year festivities?  Is she the owner of the tiny diamond anklet found when the party’s over? The Prince is smitten and searches through all of Persia to find Settareh, his ‘Star’.  But just when it looks as though it will end happily ever after, Settareh’s wicked stepsisters come up with another evil scheme that has to be overcome before Mehrdad can claim his bride… 

A highly visual and entertaining fusion of circus with theatre, Persian folk music with Western pop classics.  This is a family show for all ages, cultures and walks of life.

Brighton- based companies BandBazi and The Circus Project bring together their skills in circus, theatre and grass roots appeal in this visually stunning and totally accessible Christmas family show.

Featuring Tamsin Shasha, from Actors of Dionysus, trapeze artist Emma Taylor (Cirque des Spectacles) and actress and aerialist, Philippa Vafadari (In Audrey Hepburn’s Arms, Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus).

In Association with Made In Brighton Ltd.




Company number: 4271844 

Charity number: 1091276